About Us

LeLe’s Homemade Pizzas & Bakery started back in 2013 as a home-based business birthed out of a love for baking and a desire for non-traditional foods on the island of Eleuthera. After relocating home in 2013, Lerenda was craving the vast food options found in the city. After deciding to make a pizza for her and her family, it began to gain popularity and thus LeLe’s Homemade Pizzas & Bakery was born. From a Friday night hobby, LeLe’s quickly expanded to a full-time business with a plethora of tasty menu items. Through food, LeLe’s Homemade Pizzas & Bakery seeks to bridge the gap between Bahamian and Italian Culture. The owner, Lerenda Johnson is a Bahamian woman who is passionate about her business and the island of Eleuthera, being sure to offer high quality, delicious foods with a Bahamian flare. Lerenda is an Entrepreneur by design therefore she ensures that she incorporates innovative and creative means of ensuring that her customers have a wonderful experience. With an idea for expansion in her sights, Lerenda hopes to franchise her business. LeLe’s is unique in that it has a little something for everyone.



We are dedicated to making authentic pizzas and pastries with a taste that makes our customers let out that “OMG!” of satisfaction.

Core Values

LeLe’s is committed to serving the best pizzas and pastries on the island of Eleuthera made with:

  • PASSION, using only the freshest quality ingredients.
  • ATTENTION to detail in order to exceed each customer’s needs and expectations.
  • INTENT to make our customers escape through intense flavors bursting on their palates.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of customer concerns about healthy ingredients and fast delivery.

Need help?

Please contact Lele's Pizza at:

(242) 551-7227

Phone and email support is available 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.